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I want you to win soooo bad, I've complied a list of my holy-grail resources just for you! I use these resources to Grow, Scale, & Flourish my business and now you can use them too. So do us both a favor and take a look-sie and let me know if you've struck 

Just a heads up ('cause *transparency*), some links are affiliate links, and I will 1000% use any income from your purchase on a Venti Ice Tea. K, love you byeeee.

palette generator

stock photography

password management

graphic design

Legal compliance generator

Accounting management

Domain Hosting

E-Commerce Hosting

Email Marketing

Workflow management

Custom email domain

Client Workflow Automation

Business tools


girl, stop apologizing

financial mindset

rich dad, poor dad


get good with money


Girl, wash your face

financial mindset

You are a badass at making money

habit building

Atomic habits

Productivity & Focus

make time


Never Split the difference

Motivational & Mindset

everything is figureoutable

Books to read

Pinterest Pin Generator

graphic design

Social Media scheduling

Social Media tools

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